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September 11, 2010 Barcelona Vs Hercules Highlights 0-2 Goals Video - La Liga

Barcelona 0-2 Hercules highlights

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kulka2688d ago

I excepted a completely diffrent result the biggest suprise of the season so far

moha102688d ago

Yes, realy surprising!

sokrates2688d ago

Wouldnt bet on this result! Didnt watch the game, What happened? Was Barca that bad???

Leio2687d ago

Barca was very bad, could have lost more than just 2-0.
They played the same game for the last 2 years and now its obvious that the system has been cracked if Pep dont find a change soon. More defeats is destined to come

terenson2688d ago

Barca is being PunisheD for frustrating StarZ esp ETO'O and DINHO...HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!

kulka2687d ago

No Barca were a better team without Ronaldinho they won everything the problems first arrived when thay signed Ibrahimovic and selled Eto which was the worst deal they could have made but they have Villa now they still win everythink