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Highlights: Manchester United vs Liverpool 3-2. English Premier League 19.09.2010

Highlights: Manchester United vs Liverpool 1-0. English Premier League 19.09.2010.

1-0 (42) D. Berbatov •
2-0 (59) D. Berbatov •
2-1 (64) S. Gerrard (pen)•
2-2 (70) S. Gerrard •
3-2 (84) D. Berbatov

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sokrates2832d ago

This is a strong victory by United! What a goal Berbatov makes- he is hold during the whole corner, still he makes a perfect header!

sokrates2832d ago

Thaught it ended 1-0... It wasnt easy at all!

donb2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

If you compare the squads, this is not a strong victory at all. More a weak victory. In a historical perspectiv, these matches are always tough- but it has been many years since liverpool has been as weak as they are this season. Remember, It almost ended 2-2...

kulka2832d ago

It ended 3-2 to united Gerrard got 2 and Berbatov 3 goals

ad4mb2832d ago

United dominated from start to finish but for 2 mistakes... 3 2 is the least united deserved, GET IN THERE BERBA!!!!!

RedDevils2830d ago

must be those scousers who can't accept the lose LOL

ad4mb2830d ago

yeh haha. they live in history and cant accept that their a mid table team atm

kulka2831d ago

United won not because they were brillant but because Liverpool was terrible we did not move the ball quick enough

RedDevils2830d ago

you were lucky to have the 2 goal back, we we more capable to netted 5 or 6, OH Yeah Berbatov The magician have score a brilliant goal

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