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The Hunter2371d ago

So, now it will be exciting again the top 3! Nice goal btw from Tevez :)

kulka2371d ago

city play great against the stronger teams but struugle to break down the weaker teams this may be the main barrier between them and the top four

moha102371d ago

the result is good for the League.

The Hunter2371d ago

I see now that Arsenal is 1-3 behind against West Brom!! That's not good :S

moha102370d ago

all todays results is good for ManU. I don`t like that (Pool fan who don`t know what`s happinging up north at Anfield.)

RedDevils2370d ago

you can say that again but we won't let our guard down, we just need to collect a 3pt and that all it matter

The Hunter2370d ago

Whoaaw,, Chelsea is in big luck!! Man United has drawed against Bolton :O

karim2370d ago

Very Disappointed With Drogba and Ramires But NIGEL DE JONG WHAT A PLAYER

RedDevils2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

Carlos Anceloti, no offense but he shit when making sub, when Jose around the second half usually way different if thing went wrong at the 1st half

Oh btw a bad drogba is better than an unkown player, and also Ramires suck he should have taken that guy off at the beginning of the 2nd half, he loose the possessions way too often, which Lead to a goal in the end

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