Milan To Sell Pato To Man City For €65 Million & Buy Gerrard & Pastore With The Cash - Report

Fantasy football market headlines are making the rounds in Italy as claims Milan will sell Alexandre Pato to Manchester City and then use the money to make audacious bids for Liverpool's Steven Gerrard, and Palermo ace Javier Pastore.

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karim2612d ago

The STUPIDEST rumor i've ever seen

vhero2611d ago

I agree hes not worth that kind of cash and City proved in last market we will not be held to silly prices for players.

topdawg1222611d ago

I would suck my own c*ck if this is real.
That's how confident I am that this will never happen, so stupid.

If it is though it's a win win situation i guess..............

Leio2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Its not remotely possible not anytime soon :/

EatSleepPlay2611d ago

that's right and chelsea will sell terry and lampard (their 2 most valuable players) for a combined 100M $ and use the cash to buy messi (being sarcastic)

RedDevils2610d ago

and the thing is messi will flop in England and be the next injury prone