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Highlights : Barcelona 1-1 Mallorca

1-0 Messi 21'
1-1 Nsue 43'

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FootballZilla2964d ago

Thats not good for barca especially when Real just won Deportivo 6-1

kulka2964d ago

their defence is still not world class same old Barca lots of possesion and no defence whatsoever they need to buy a good defender

FootballZilla2964d ago

I disagree they have 3 class defender Pique - Puyol(didnt play) - Dani Alves

Leio2964d ago

The problem is not the defense.
The zick-zack attack game is well read and proven not to work anymore its just too slow and with players like Bojan, Villa and Pedro they just dont have the physics to get through this kind of defense.

I think Pep made a big mistake letting Ibra and Touré go :/

kulka2964d ago

I must disagree if they had top class defenders they would not be conceding so many goals I love the way Barca plays their football but their defending is letting them down if they have like 80% of the ball they should be conceding less Puyol was a great player but lost his pace Alves is a good player the problem is Centre Backs

Leio2964d ago

The problem is the ball takes too long to get to the other side and require too many players to come alone with it, this makes Barca vulnerable to counter attack. Barca play their game but thats the old same game they have been playing for years. Inter and Rubin Karzan showed the world Barca´s weaknesses and now every team is exploiting it.
They need to change their game fast or else no title for Barca next year.