Golden Gunners: Arsenal's Five Most Valuable Players

Michelle Botsford Writes : Allow me, if you will, to create an absolutely hypothetical situation (calm down Manchester City). For some unbeknownst reason, Arsenal FC spiral into uncontrollable debt, and have to sell first team players of the squad immediately. Who would be the top grossing members of the team?

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karim2424d ago

I would do the same list !

EatSleepPlay2424d ago

I don't tink Van Persie is now valuable he is 2 injury prone i will personnally put Vermaelen at his place

crazyturkey2424d ago

Van Persie should take a few extra months off until those ankles cannot break so easily.

Dandy2423d ago

Van Persie is too injury prone, Vermaelen is too error and bad positioning prone. Throw Clichy in there, maybe. Ramsey for potential power.