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Liverpool Set for Truly Fantastical £55m January Swap Deal

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini is ready to swap skipper Carlos Tevez for Liverpool striker Fernando Torres in January. The Daily Star says Mancini has given Tevez some time off next week to return to Argentina to see his daughter in what is seen as a goodwill gesture.

But this will not stop Mancini from turning to Torres in what would be another blockbusting transfer coup for the billionaires.

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karim2811d ago

LOLLL it's the Daily Star Like the most rubbish site on the net don't believe what they say

jacko132810d ago

This is utter craziness. And completely unbelievable, although when city are involved it becomes more realistic. Look at the insane transfer of Milner, the huge money invested in a second rate holding midfielder Toure, when you already have 4 of them and players who seem more interested in the huge paycheques than actually playing for the club.
Although I am sure both sets of supporters would welcome the move, City fans being desperate to snap up any player with a larger reputation than one of there own (although in this case unwarranted) and liverpool equally as desperate to sign an inform striker.
Why would either player want to move. Tevez is clearly City's best player, by a distance, so why would he move to a club currently sitting near the bottom who are going to struggle to compete for any european football this year. And Torres would be mad to join city, when he leaves Liverpool he will go to a major established club like Chelsea, Man utd. or More likely Barcelona or Real Madrid.