Pele vs. Maradona : A Hot Discussion on Who Was Greater of the Two

Firstly, my thanks to Arsenal fan and the much popular writer Kaustubh. His idea of round table discussions inspired me into arranging my first round-table discussion on Bleacher Report.

There has been the controversy ever since I was born as to who was the best among footballing legends Pele and Maradona.

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FootballZilla2389d ago

Never seen them play but from what ive seen : THERE BOTH AMAZING

moha102389d ago

Maradona for me! Amazing what he did in the late of 80s to early 90s. Made Napoli winning Serie A almost alone....and of course what he did for Argentina.

RedDevils2388d ago

Drug make it happen, or else he wouldn't have the strength to do all that

sokrates2389d ago

I am sick of this discussion. Pele was good when football was at a really love nivel. Even so, Maradona is the best. Messi vs Maradona is more dificult!

FootballZilla2389d ago


moha102389d ago

Messi vs Maradona could be if Messi wins the world cup. But even then Maradona is THE big legend.

RedDevils2388d ago

Better than both of them :)

RedDevils2388d ago

but he score more than both combine on International stage, beside messi flop without Xavi, and Maradona used drug to boost

zico2389d ago

Why not Zico vs Sokrates;-)hmmmm. Interresting, but you will loose man;-)

kulka2388d ago

Both were amazing players but Messi can achieve as much as Maradona but we are still waiting for another Pele

RedDevils2388d ago

can score or make a big different to the team like Diego, but other than that he just a good player not a great player, like Pele, Maradona, Ronaldo, Zico, Zidane, Platini etc etc

kulka2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Ronaldo did not achieve half of what Pele or Maradona did the only thing he does better is diving Xavi and Messi are way better plus play the game the way it should be played

RedDevils2386d ago

I'm talking about Fenomenon not the diving cristi, fucking have no clue about football idiot and whoever call CR only ronlado is an idiot, he doesn't match to the real ronaldo

karim2388d ago

There's Neymar He's a great player but has a MUCH BIGGER Ego

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