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Wayne Rooney Ready To Quit Manchester United In January After Furious Rows With Sir Alex Ferguson

Wayne Rooney is reportedly ready to quit Old Trafford following a string of arguments with Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson.

Talks over a new contract for the United striker appear to have stalled, paving the way for the 24-year-old England international to leave in the January transfer window, according to The Mirror.

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karim2534d ago

After What Happened Yesterday It Really Does Make Sense...Just Like Tevez it will be their loss

FootballZilla2534d ago

Agree if he leaves i think nani might leave aswell they will probably sign some one but not as good as rooney even though is in bad form

karim2534d ago

why will nani leave ?

saulx602533d ago

you sound like a classic chelsea fan do you remember Chelsea losing against Manchester United for the community sheild recently... With or without Rooney Manchester will stay dominate and still remains undefeated

karim2533d ago

And You Sound Also Like A Typical Man U Fanboy....Just If You Remember SAF Said The Community Shield Is ALSO Pre-season and "Counts For Nothing" That's Coming From YOUR MANAGER...And Now The PL (Which Counts)...Your Start Was Disastrous And We...Played "Good" Not PERFECT...And Remember we were playing WITHOUT Drogba and for the record when he played he was not even 50% FIT and HILARIO WAS ON THE GOAL NOT CECH

vhero2533d ago

It will be a huge blow for morale more than on the pitch if he leaves as the fans love him. He is there only talisman player after Ronaldo left. It's a sign of the times.

Clueless2533d ago

Just Like Vhero He's the only talisman they got so losing him is a huge blow for united and might kill their title credentials

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EatSleepPlay2534d ago

The Things that happened to liverpool last season will happen this season to man utd

kulka2534d ago

so do I hope they get relegated but relisticly they will finish in the top half of the table they are too good at the moment despite players underperforming

karim2534d ago

If they'l get relegated,i'l run naked in the streets :P but if their form continue they won't be in the top 4 (hopefully)

kulka2533d ago

I will pay a visit to the United fan club get beaten up but at least have some satisfaction

saulx602533d ago

why do you hope they wont be in the top 4? Are u afraid of them winning the premier club yet again

Clueless2533d ago

LOL @karim and @kulka it really cracked me up

megacardo2534d ago

Rooney stays! But he is welcome to Valencia:)

karim2533d ago

Woahh ! Valencia Is A Great Club But they don't have the finance to buy him

megacardo2533d ago

Hehe! true true! Must be well to spend some time and build up the economy before they start and act big, do not believe that a player like Rooney coming to and end up in Valencia, but you never know

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The story is too old to be commented.