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Rooney is staying

Wayne Rooney has agreed a new 5 year contract to stay at Manchester United until at least June 2015.

The agreement follows intensive discussions between the Club and the player’s representatives and means that by the end of his contract Wayne will have been a Manchester United player for 11 years.

Sir Alex Ferguson said: “It’s been a difficult week, but the intensity of the coverage is what we expect at Manchester United. I said to the boy that the door is always open and I’m delighted Wayne has agreed to stay.

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Red-Ossy2798d ago

Sir Alex is a genius...

sokrates2797d ago

Ferguson is an expert in making the team he wants! Excellent!

MaximusPrime2798d ago

phew thats a relief. I didnt want him to come to Chelsea because it isnt a right time.

karim2798d ago

I Prefer torres he is better than rooney when TOP form

sokrates2797d ago

Why not the right time? Evry club has the right time to welcome Rooney. Thats my opinion, even watching what happens to multibillion Chelsea these days... Hate to say it, but they are excellent.

ad4mb2798d ago

the damage has been done...

karim2798d ago

Agreed...Now the fans and even his team-mateas are not gonna treat him the same way

sokrates2798d ago

This is good news! I was really feeling that wed lost him. Even trying to think of a player to substitue him seems impossible: Simply because he is unic and he already plays for the best club. I am looking forward to his return from injury!

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The story is too old to be commented.