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Rooney another example of agent influence and player selfishness

Though Rooney has mitigated his irresponsibility, his ill-judged comment about fans booing after a dismal World Cup performance against Algeria shows that this character trait has merely found an alternative outlet. Rooney’s stated desire to leave Manchester United is consistent with his reactions when everything is not going his way – saying ‘f--- it’ without giving sufficient thought to the consequences.

This summer Rooney had the psychological pressures of a High Court case brought by a former agent, a dreadful World Cup and although the allegations about prostitutes came later, he will have known of the attentions of the News of the World far earlier and known that at some point he would have to face his wife and the world’s media.

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sokrates2767d ago

I dont know what he is. I think he is a really simple person, this is not a normal move from international players. I genereal they are more profesional than Rooney in this case.