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Wayne Rooney's Manchester United contract a surprise, says Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was surprised to hear Wayne Rooney had agreed a new deal with Manchester United, expecting to see the England striker sold.

Rooney today agreed a new five-year contract, having earlier in the week claimed the Old Trafford club no longer matched his ambitions.

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karim2797d ago

Well I WASN'T...Rooney's Wife Didn't want to move from England So It's Either City Or Chelsea => Chelsea Started To Cut Their Wages So No And If He move to city..Man U Fans will kill him

EatSleepPlay2797d ago

Wenger is always in the news...let him mind his own business

sokrates2797d ago

But all experts were pretty sure Rooney was going to move this time!

karim2797d ago

Arsene Wenger Said he was "Convinced" Rooney will stay !

zeddy20102797d ago

not all, mourinho expected him to stay.

karim2797d ago

Mourinho is "The Special One" That's Why He Said He Will Stay

kulka2797d ago

The forty fans big built angry United fans changed his mind about leaving

FootballZilla2796d ago

I couldn't see him coming to any other team in england

EatSleepPlay2796d ago

yea it was his destiny to stay at united