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The 10 Best Forwards In The Premier League Today

At a moment where Premier League forwards are in the spotlight more than ever - Wayne Rooney and Peter Crouch for the wrong reasons; Dimitar Berbatov, Kevin Davies and Carlos Tevez for the right reasons - I rank the top 10 strikers currently wowing Premier League audiences across the globe with their goalscoring prowess, their pace and power and the skill and intelligence which often seems innate in the world's best players.

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sokrates2857d ago

Drogba- tevez - Rooney? Must be a drunk sailor making that list!

kulka2857d ago

haha Drogba is the best in the league Toress and Rooney are great when in full form what is Adebayor doing in there he is a reserve player

Upbeat2856d ago

rooney has one good goal scoring season and now hes better than tevez? 30 million for a striker for him to run up and down the pitch ? dont think so fergie when u can get torres for 10 million less and scores more goals a season than rooney has apps

FootballZilla2857d ago

In Form

Van Persie