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Revealed: How the Glazers persuaded Rooney to stay at Manchester United

For the first time, this column can reveal why Wayne Rooney signed his five-year contract with Manchester United.

We have obtained a transcript of the sensational conversations that persuaded Rooney to stay at Old Trafford.

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karim2735d ago

And Man U fans still hate the glazers....and by that you know he did it for the money

Maradona2735d ago

yes just like Chelsea players do...All about the money.

karim2734d ago

Rooney : "Where Do I Sign" After being proposed 230K hmmm...mikel was kidnapped :P and idk what happened then...PSV thought the price you wanted 2 pas was 2 low and now he's one of the best ;)

vhero2734d ago

It's funny all the red saying players come to City and Chelsea for money yet they are having the same problems. Irony I think the word is here.

kulka2735d ago

Well I think this if not made up shows how loyal Wayne Rooney is to his clubs he left Everton for money now he threatened to leave United crazy they get too much money footballers they play only for the one ad the spirit goes

megacardo2734d ago

money money money always funny!