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Calcio Comment: Why is Diego Maradona so loved in Napoli?

In footballing terms Naples remains arguably the most unique city in Italy given the presence of only one club, Napoli, in the third largest populated commune on the peninsula. In contrast to Rome, Milan and Turin, where those cities' loyalties are divided between two clubs, the Partenopei have the undivided attentions of nearly one million inhabitants who generate a massive wave of enthusiasm each weekend.

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donb2731d ago

Maradona gave the citizans of Napoli respect in the northern part of the Country by playing exelent football and taking them to a victory in the Scudetto.

Maradona2731d ago

He didnt only play well. He talked loud about how he loved the Napoli and what he thaught about People from Milan, Rome and Juve talking about it as a poor and dirty city. Maradona said he would show them, and he did. Napoli became champions 2 times with Maradona!

sokrates2731d ago (Edited 2731d ago )

...Maybe because he always ended up at somebodies party!

moha102731d ago

It`s not only Napoli who loves him....He is GOD!