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Video: Brilliant Xavi back heel (Barcelona-Sevilla)

Cheeky little back heel from Xavi picks out Villa…

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karim2727d ago

It looks so easy on a player with the quality of xavi

FootballZilla2727d ago

Its ridiculous hes never won the balon d'or ;(

karim2727d ago

Maybe This Year He's Gonna Win It But Sneijder Deserve It More

no_more_heroes2727d ago (Edited 2727d ago )

then again, isn't the Ballon D'or a bad luck award where the player who wins it has a bad (or at least below par) year after that, or is that the Player of the Year award?

karim2727d ago

Messi Won All Of Those Last Years And He's Still Excellent :)

kulka2727d ago

Xavi will win it this year best in the world

karim2727d ago

Sneijder Deserve It He Did Some Incredible Things

GJ232727d ago

He does deserve it for all his years of hard work and skill. Barely gets any recognition for it all

GJ232727d ago

Best pass of i've seen all the year

karim2727d ago

You Clearly Haven't Seen This Magic

GJ232727d ago

I stand corrected lol. That was amazing

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