Highlights: Tottenham 3-1 Inter Uefa Champions League

Uefa Champions League
Highlights: Tottenham vs Inter (Group A)

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Maradona2426d ago

What a great result for Spurs.
Van der vaart never stops...

zeddy20102426d ago

bales the best player in the prem league at the moment and as a neutral spurs are a great team to watch.

GJ232426d ago

Van Der Vaart being fit was a major boost for them. Maicon desperately needed help to contain Bale. He was run ragged

no_more_heroes2426d ago

I'm an Arsenal fan, but I'm no blind sheep. I've got too much sense for that so congratulations, Spurs, you were brilliant.

karim2426d ago

A joy to see an Arsenal fan congratulating his rival team :D

RedDevils2426d ago

Bale what beast, funny he was so quiet when he play against Us, maybe Rafael is better than Maicon? lol

karim2426d ago

No Bale had an OFF night against you

GJ232425d ago

I think credit should go to Rafael here. He has better positioning than Maicon. Rafael is always close to the player and clears the ball when there is an opportunity. Maicon prefers to allow the winger to turn and attack

GJ232425d ago

I think Rafael's defending style was better than Maicon for a player like bale. They way Maicon defended was almost inviting Bale to attack

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