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Highlights: Bursaspor 0-3 Manchester United. Uefa Champions League

Uefa Champions League
Highlights: Bursaspor vs Manchester United (Group C)

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Maradona2731d ago

Lucky manu takes it again. Play defensive and get one or two goals.

GJ232731d ago

Man u werent lucky at all. They played attacking football throughout the game against a 9 man defence. They fully deserve this win

zeddy20102731d ago

dude did you even watch the match?! united totalty deserve the win.

Maradona2731d ago

But Ferguson is a genius. Has he made Bebe to a star in that short time?

RedDevils2731d ago

commenting on a Manchester United Articles, with your hatred toward United and bias crap I would wonder how the f you get that much bubbles? is it those bubbles just let you talk shit all day

Maradona2730d ago

Where is the shit talk? I say that Ferguson is a genius....

karim2730d ago

He is praising SAF you should be happy

GJ232730d ago

I think he wat talking about his first comment which was "Lucky manu takes it again. Play defensive and get one or two goals." When man u dominated and controlled the entire game. I think RedDevils put the comment under the wrong statement

GJ232731d ago

Lovely strike by Obertan. Bursaspor's goalkeeper should have done better though

karim2730d ago

Befe and Obertan => Future SUPERSTARS

GJ232730d ago

I agree with this. They are looking fantastic

kulka2730d ago

I thought United were going to find this more diffcult

karim2730d ago

Well it's buraspor what can you expect

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