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Highlights: Zilina 0-7 Marseille [UEFA Champions League Group F 20/10/2010]

0-1 Gignac 12'
0-2 Gignac 21'
0-3 Heinze 24'
0-4 Remy 36'
0-5 Lucho 52'
0-6 Gignac 54'
0-7 Lucho 63'

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moha102783d ago

7 goals away. new record? Somebody who know?

The Hunter2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

In the Champions League.. YES!

In the European Cup.. NO!

"Benfica holds the overall record by beating Stade Dudelange 18–0 in 1965–66. They beat the Luxembourgers by 0–8 and 10–0."

kulka2783d ago

no idea 7-0 is bad for the home team embarrasing

GJ232783d ago

Great performance by marseille. Defending for the 4th goal was comical. I think Zilina gave up completely after the 3rd goal