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Milan's Alexandre Pato Declared Football's Most Valuable Youngster

Brazilian Alexandre Pato beats Mario Balotelli and Thomas Mueller to the title of most valuable young player, according to Futebolfinance...

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karim2575d ago

Yes He is the most valuable youngster but definitely not the most promising youngster

EatSleepPlay2574d ago

mueller is more valuable than him

karim2574d ago

Nope but Muller is more promising

kulka2575d ago

Well he plays for Milan first team Pedro could also be there or Busquets

ohahCantona2574d ago

He is good, but it`s a lot of good youngster out there.

EatSleepPlay2574d ago

I think mueller is the most valuable and promising one

GJ232573d ago

Yeah he is a great prospect for Germany and bayern

GJ232573d ago

Bale should be higher considering he's been carrying tottenham in recent weeks

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