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Cristiano Ronaldo Is Just Lucky In Front Of Goal - Atletico Madrid Goalkeeper David De Gea

Atletico Madrid goalkeeper David De Gea is confident he can stop everything Cristiano Ronaldo throws at him when his team clash with Real Madrid.

Real head into the derby on Sunday in great form, but De Gea is determine to help change that.

"Ronaldo is doing great and he is having good fortune in front of goal, whereas we have had bad luck, especially at the back," he told "Real Madrid are also doing so well, but then we are doing good too.

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karim2219d ago

Wouldn't be Ironic if Cristiano Scores A Hat-trick :P

ohahCantona2219d ago

yes taht would be nice:-)

GJ232218d ago

I'd love to see the look on De Gea's face after that

karim2217d ago

to bad it didn't happen :(

GJ232217d ago

I know, he had plenty of chances to do it as well

kulka2219d ago

i say he scores two goals

GJ232218d ago

Seems like another journalist blowing a normal comment out of proportion