190° Player Ratings: Bolton Wanderers 4-2 Tottenham Hotspur rates the performances of the players from the match Bolton against Tottenham...

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moha102330d ago

Spurs without Van der Vaart......

The Hunter2330d ago

Yeah, it is sad! He is the best at Tottenham! Again a wonderfull player that has been mistreated by Real Madrid! They dont like dutch players :(

karim2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

Madrid Are A Stupid Club They Can't Recongnize Talent

kulka2329d ago

Why do they sign them Kaka is Brazilian recieved same treatment they treat all players badly

karim2330d ago

Davies Man of the match for me

kulka2329d ago

Real can only sign players their system coaching players is all wrong they have the best players in the world but cant use them

GJ232329d ago

Seems like tottenham are a two man team. Van der Vaart or Bale are the only brillian players they have. The rest of the squad looked average in this game

karim2329d ago

Hutton and Pavyluchenko were impressive others below-par performance

kulka2329d ago

Spurs wont get far with two players