Highlights: Manchester Utd 2-1 Wolves [English Premier League 06/11/2010]

1-0 J.S.Park 45'
1-1 Ebanks-Blake 66'
2-1 J.S.Park 90+3'

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The Hunter2476d ago

So, that was a lucky last minute win! J. SUNG PARK!!

GJ232474d ago

Not luck. Just patience and pressure. Something had to give in the end.

kulka2474d ago

you pressed until the end but Wolves deserved a point

karim2476d ago

What a dive from hernandez....and what's with the added time when man u aren't winning

RedDevils2475d ago

Hernandez did dive I agree, the add time is including to injuries, 4-5 sub if that add up it not a surprise if it 4 minutes beside it score on 93min

karim2475d ago

Watched all the game the 2nd half there have been only one injury and it lasted only 1 min and about the subs it didn't take 2 long to come so that's about 2 min....adding 4mins is beyond me

ohahCantona2476d ago

3 points on a bad day. Important!

GJ232474d ago

Very important weekend overall. Top of the league is getting tighter every week

kulka2474d ago

agreed 2 points seperating the top 2

kulka2476d ago

If United are too challange Chelsea thee they must not count on luck only they must play and deserve to win not being lucky all the time

karim2475d ago

luck is also key for winning a key...but not get OVER-LUCKY like man u

ohahCantona2475d ago

We win and we loose, but most of all we play until the final­ whistle blows which other teams don`t!

karim2475d ago

True but other team don't need to play until the final whistle they finish their opponents early something man u failed to do many times

RedDevils2475d ago

in football sometime you need luck to win game, and thankfully it fall into our way, It's a pity why we keep throwing pt in the early of the season, I hope this our turning point

GJ232474d ago

It isn't luck at all. Man u deserved the three points, Outplayed wolves especially in the last 10 minutes. Man u were playing with 8 strikers during the last 10 mins, Wolves players were exhausted

kulka2474d ago

you dominated noly for the last 10 minutes the rest was balanced

Maradona2475d ago

Its a strenght by manu. But you gotta say that it is luck....

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