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Highlights: Arsenal 0-1 Newcastle United [English Premier League 07/11/2010]

0-1 Andrew Carroll 45′

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karim2592d ago

Won't mind at all if Caroll comes to Chelsea ;)

GJ232592d ago

I hope he stays in newcastle, they need him more than chelsea do

danarc2592d ago

Not gonna happen, hes just signed a 5 year contract ;)

He wants to be a Shearer ;)

kulka2592d ago

he will stay for at leats 2 years

The Hunter2592d ago

That is to bad for Arsenal :(
Its not good for the title race..

kulka2592d ago

one game does not mean anything they have great squad they just need a player like Vieria was for them couple years back

zico2592d ago

They have to much ups and downs to fight for the title...I think they ended up 3rd place and out in the quaterfinals in CL....

no_more_heroes2592d ago

this is why I said I'm not a blind sheep.

worthless little peons...

no_more_heroes2592d ago

looks like we need Afellay after all...

The Hunter2592d ago

He can made the difference! If he plays behind Van Persie then you have a dream duo ;)

karim2592d ago

Yeah he's a game-changer

kulka2591d ago

they still have Chamakh fabregs do they need him?

karim2591d ago

Fabregas injured all the time so yeah they need him

kulka2591d ago

if they get all their players fit how will they keep players happy?

GJ232592d ago

Newcastle goalkeeper was great today. Deserved the clean sheet

kulka2592d ago

yup agree great keeper Given has been well replaced

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