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Sir Alex Ferguson says Manchester City will spend until they win

Sir Alex Ferguson claims Manchester City will keep on spending until they have won something and admits Roberto Mancini's side are genuine title contenders.

Ferguson's Manchester United side, the only unbeaten team in the top flight this season, face City at Eastlands on Wednesday with a three-point lead over their rivals.

The United manager said the fact both clubs are now challenging for the title will add extra spice to the contest.

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karim2724d ago

They should buy a defender and a midfielder and then they'll be title contenders

kulka2724d ago

they need team chemistry squad is good enough

ohahCantona2724d ago

They can`t buy a winning team. You also need to have cultur and history to win EPL, and that has ManUnited, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool.

zico2724d ago

I think ManCity will win the league, not this year but maybe next year. Chelsea didn`t have so many ligatitels and big history before the Russian came and "bought" a winning team in the 90s.

foss32724d ago

look at chelsea as a perfect example of buying to win.

it's patchy now but wait 2 or 3 seasons and city will be in the mix..

and cantona you realize that the reason manure, chelsea, arse and pool have a "history" or winning the EPL is because of their advantage in money over the smaller clubs (originally due to their location in larger metro areas and thus ability to become bigger faster).

GJ232724d ago

If they dont win anything soon I expect the boss to tighten his wallet, big stars may also be put off going to City

kulka2724d ago

thwey are one of the richest people in the world they wont even notice if a bilion is missing they can spent as much as they want but they cant buy all the time football does not work that way you need same squad for couple of years for team chemistry

GJ232724d ago

Bad thing is they buy players from competing teams so there is a rivalry. That will surely upset the chemistry