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Excruciating TV: Dirk Kuyt’s confrontation with a police horse

Liverpool forward Dirk Kuyt, veteran (cheesy) presenter Jim Rosenthal and Channel Five were the chief protagonists in one of the most excruciating pieces of football television seen in England for some time on Thursday night.

It has taken us a little while to locate this clip but it is comedy gold, first Rosenthal introduces Kuyt and before asking him anything about Liverpool’s impending Europa League match with Napoli, they discuss the fact a police horse sat on the Dutchman’s car.

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The Hunter2175d ago

LOL, that is so stupid.. LMAO!! xD

kulka2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

the one with the fAT ass

The Hunter2175d ago

What's wrong with the Dutch 'Nee' for no?

RedDevils2174d ago

that one of the most stupid question