Chelsea striker Didier Drogba in malaria scare

BBC sports:

Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has had treatment for malaria, according to Blues manager Carlo Ancelotti.

The Italian said the Ivorian forward picked up the disease while on holiday, but is now fine.

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karim2268d ago

Drogba diagnosed with malaria...Then say he wants to play against fulham that's why I love you didier ;) YOU'RE A MACHINE

no_more_heroes2267d ago

not literally one minute ago I saw an ad for stopping Malaria in Africa on USA Network.

GJ232267d ago

Malaria must be getting more problematic

GJ232267d ago

Good news that he's ok now

karim2267d ago

Woww coming from a united fan....Respect ;)

GJ232267d ago

Yeah im a Man united fan but im also a football fan. I appreciate what he gives to the league

sokrates2267d ago

Even there are different ways of malaria can kick in, it seams kind of strange that he has been playing with that shit. Must felt pretty lazy- lack of FE2 in the blood is no joke.

zico2267d ago

I agree, Doctor Sokra!

kulka2267d ago

Malaria is a very serious illness which kills many thousand people he is lucky to be alive

karim2267d ago

Cheryl Cole had malaria and now Drogba now is recovering from malaria....Hmmm very suspicious :P:P

kulka2267d ago

Hope Ashley Cole wont start asking uncomfortable questions :P

karim2267d ago Physchic abilities tell me there's gonna be a serious and "funny" fight between them

kulka2267d ago

haha Terry and Bridge now Drogba and Cole lol

GJ232267d ago

I didnt notice that lol. This could get interesting with ashley cole :P

kulka2267d ago

I say Chelsea suffered enough with Cheryl lol

kulka2267d ago

I think he will be ok very strong personality

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