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Forlan, Real Madrid offered 18 million negotiable

A name can warm the winter market more austere and cold of the last decade: Diego Forlan. The Uruguayan is in the market and it sounds amazing, has been offered to Real Madrid as the newspaper Marca reported in its edition on Wednesday

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kulka2779d ago

I dont think he should go to Real wont even play fans will hate him

Maradona2779d ago

he should stay or go to England

zico2779d ago

He wilol stay, I`m sure. This is a stupid Rumor

karim2779d ago

How the heck did this get approved....that's enough i'm PM'ing BjornarO and on topic that's a stupid rumor

kulka2779d ago

dont know but at least ints translated some people just approve everything

karim2779d ago

But the title doesn't have any sense :/

kulka2778d ago

18 approvals who could approve it and why despite all the reports

GJ232778d ago

I agree with you. Terrible story/editing. It has 18 approvals as well

GJ232778d ago

He's not playing well at a smaller club, Why would a bigger club want to buy him. Makes no sense

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The story is too old to be commented.