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Video: The Wayne Rooney tyre challenge presume you still remember that chap Wayne Rooney.

He may be off the radar in the US of A but there is still money to be made from Brand Rooney even if Manchester United seem to be coping just fine in his absence.

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The Hunter2750d ago

Wasnt he send out to USA to take a rest? WTF, he is a moneygrubber!!

karim2750d ago

Man u don't even want him :/

GJ232750d ago

If he did what he does in this video on the pitch then we'd want him :P

kulka2750d ago

no doubt he will always find a oppurtinity to get more money

GJ232750d ago

I'm guessing he'll get more money for doing this than the togo goalkeeper that got shot did. Sad world at times

kulka2750d ago

yup just because he plays for United there is no fairness in this world

GJ232750d ago

The USA's high tech training facility?

zeddy20102749d ago

come back and start scoring goals and all will be forgotten.