Milan Striker Filippo Inzaghi Suffers Season-Ending Injury

A cruciate ligament lesion to his left knee has compromised Filippo Inzaghi and Milan's season.

There was suspicion the injury he sustained against Palermo on Wednesday night was a serious one.

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karim2387d ago

Huge blow for milan with his good form

kulka2386d ago

huge blow he scored against real very important is this the finish of his carreer he is 37 remember

karim2386d ago

nahh he'll play till he's 50 :P

kulka2386d ago

haha I hope so great player

GJ232386d ago

I think it'll be the end. He may play in a ceremonial match but cant see him recovering fully

kulka2386d ago

not at his age even if he beat the injury he will be more injury prone plus will never find his form again great player but it s the end for him

GJ232386d ago

Horrible news for AC. I'm sure they can carry on fine without him