Paul the Psychic Octopus’ cousin predicts Blackpool results

The Blackpool Sea Life Centre has signed up Ollie, the cousin of dead sage Paul the Psychic Octopus, to predict results for the rest of Blackpool’s Premier League home games this season.

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Maradona2300d ago

o come on,let the animal rest in peace and his family be. He have hundreds of cousins all over the world can i imagine.

kulka2300d ago

haha extra revenue for Blackpool

kulka2300d ago

wary of competition Karim :P

karim2300d ago

Yes yes I am afraid that blackpool will win the premier league :P

GJ232299d ago

I agree. I wish people stopped doing this

kulka2299d ago

The competition from Blackburn may be a factor league will be decided in Blackpool

GJ232299d ago

Hope he loses the first one so we can stop with this kinda stuff. It's a bit sad

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