Liverpool’s Pepe Reina would be an ideal buy for Manchester United - Peter Schmeichel

Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel believes that Sir Alex Ferguson would do well to buy Pepe Reina from Liverpool.

The Reds shot-stopper’s future has been the subject of a lot of speculation in recent times, after the Spaniard refused to confirm whether or not he will remain at Anfield beyond this term.

And while manager Roy Hodgson has expressed hope that his No.1 will remain on Merseyside, there have been reports claiming that Reina has already told the boss of his desire to leave.

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sokrates2264d ago

When the deutch guy is gone, there might be room for him. But I guess and hope van der saar will keep up a few more years. He is at his best!

GJ232264d ago

Van der Sar is a better goalie than Reina but now and again Van der Sar gets confused

kulka2263d ago

he is not better not now anyway pasat his best still a good keeper but not better than Reina

kulka2264d ago

leave our players alone no one of our current squad even thinks about joining you

GJ232264d ago

I doubt Man United even want anyone from liverpool

karim2264d ago

But I bet you would LOVE it if Torres or Gerrard Comes to Loverpool ? Am I right cuz I would be happy if they come to my club

GJ232264d ago

Torres is too injury prone and we have hargreaves for that. Not a massive fan of the way Gerrard plays. He lacks the skill and vision of someone like scholes. Gerrard gets close to the box he'll shoot, Scholes is able to make wonderful passes that set up easy goals

kulka2263d ago

just like we dont want anyone from United :P

GJ232264d ago

Much better young goalkeepers available for cheaper. Reina is a good goalkeeper this season though

kulka2263d ago

Lie who do you call a better keeper Reina is by far the bes in England at the moment