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The Most Bizarre Footballing Quotes of All Time

Throughout football, there are always instances in which either the players or the managers can say something absolutely ridiculous.

Should it be about a player, a manager, an owner, a commentator or a referee, these quotes become synonymous with that person for the rest of their lives.

With this in mind, here is a listing of the most bizarre quotes in football history.

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karim2659d ago

They are also funny :D that Bobby robson quote cracked me up !

Fagerborgbk2659d ago

Hehe! they are funny, think coaches should be a little weird, otherwise it is not funny before and after the match.

GJ232658d ago

Some stuff they do say is absolute hilarious, Always good to have some comedy at the end

2658d ago
karim2658d ago

There's a quote from Ronaldo (the brazilian) : "We lost because we didn't score" I think it's stupid not bizare

kulka2658d ago

Phil Neville obviously knows all the styles of play by saying Brazilians will be more south american
and Ukraine more European :P

karim2658d ago

Yes we all know he's a genius now

kulka2658d ago

I wonder what did he mean by that :P

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