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Hodgson criticises defender Glen Johnson's form

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has expressed his disappointment at Glen Johnson's performances for the club this season and told the 26-year-old he is not playing like England's right-back.

Hodgson said: "He's the England right-back and, if he plays like that, one would expect him to come back in when he's fit. But then he'd have to play like the England right-back and up to now, to be quite frank, he's not performed - very often at least - to the level I'd expect of him.

"You would have to ask him 'do you think you're playing at top form and are you playing like the best right-back in the country for your club?' If he says yes, obviously we will have to agree to differ and if he says no, then you'd have to ask the question 'why not?'''

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kulka2586d ago

Kelly the youghster currently plays better than him we must expect more from him

Maradona2586d ago

I agree with you. But and i think he will come back in form and then are more than good enough for the team then.

Messishow2586d ago

He is comming soon, and so will Liverpool.

kulka2586d ago

yup he needs time I m sure he ll be back to top form soon

karim2586d ago

If Johnson was playing instead of that BRILLIANT youngster Kelly...Chelsea would have beaten them

GJ232586d ago

I doubt it, the whole liverpool team was fired up for that match and chelsea were average

kulka2585d ago

we deserved to beat them kelly was brillant

GJ232586d ago

He has been dissopointing this season. But then again the whole liverpool team has been as well

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