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Highlights: Tottenham 4-2 Blackburn [English Premier League 13/11/2010]

1-0 Bale 16'
2-0 Pavlyuchenko 42'
3-0 Crouch 69'
4-0 Bale 75'
4-1 Nelsen 80'
4-2 Givet 90'

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zico2219d ago

Bale is great. Liverpool should have him

GJ232219d ago

No way that'll happen. I think he did want to go to Arsenal

karim2218d ago

Bale is an Arsenal fan.Ironic:He scored against them !

GJ232218d ago

Great way to get the Arsenal fans onhis side lol

kulka2219d ago

Bale is amazing he ll be the top scorer

GJ232218d ago

I think Gyan might be top scorer this season, He's been fantastic for sunderland

kulka2217d ago

No the usual Toress and Drogba and maybe Tevez will take it

GJ232219d ago

They needed this win. Bale is unbelievable

megacardo2219d ago

if they are going to be in the top four they have to stop getting so many goals against every games.
But Bale is one af the hottest player on the market right now, but i dont think liverpool is the team for him, Valencia is:)

karim2218d ago

If he moves i'm sure he'll stay in England

Fagerborgbk2219d ago

I think pavlyuchenko has to practise som pealtys on the training field for som weeks:)

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