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Highlights: Inter 0-1 AC Milan, Italian serie A

Highlights: Inter 0-1 AC Milan
0-1 Ibrahimovic (Penalty) 5'

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zico2774d ago

I love you, ich libe dich; Zlatan Ibrahimovic.....

Leio2774d ago

Haha right in da face with your jeers and band-roll respectless Inter fans ;)

GJ232772d ago

Nice to see them silenced properly for once

kulka2772d ago

haha good to see the rivalry are there no inter fansd here ?

Maradona2774d ago

zlatan can play in west ham, and even win the league.

kulka2774d ago

not really but great result for Ac milan it took long time before finally beating fiercest rivals

GJ232774d ago

He does have a massive impact in these kinds of games

ad4mb2774d ago

lmao thats why barca got rid of him...

Leio2774d ago

Uhh? What .. Its more like he chose to leave for less salary because of the conflict with Pep. Barca cant get rid of him if he doesnt want to :/.

All the teams he has been played for "always" win the league and this time its looks like he´s gonna do it again with Milan.

karim2773d ago

Do you think barca are smart at the market...they traded one of their best performers eto'o with Ibra then loaned Ibra out....And Chyryniksi who was a 20M signing and didn't even play 15 games

kulka2773d ago

they dont need market should stick to the policy of producing youth since they cant buy right players

GJ232772d ago

Barca's youth system is definately more rewarding than their signings

kulka2772d ago

sometimes if you dont need to sign then dont

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GJ232774d ago

Well deserved. Inter didnt create a thing.

kulka2773d ago

poor inter worst performance in a while Benitez wont last much longer

GJ232772d ago

I hope not. Euro champs should not perform like this

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