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moha102772d ago

This is typical Messi goaaaaaaal! The same skills as Maradona had. Fantastic.

zico2772d ago

Only Messi can do this today. Maradona did it in the 80s but doing the same things in 2010, Congratulations, God is back:-)

ohahCantona2772d ago

Messi is the best player on the planet, no doubt.

zico2772d ago

Agree! People talk about Pele vs Maradona. Who is the best ever? Messi are better than both. And now after Batista has been manager he will get the WC trophy also.

sokrates2772d ago

This discussion is more stupid than Maradona:) Its impossible to compare the players- they were all the best in their time. At the moment Messi is the best- NO DOUBT! But to be historical he needs to take Argentina to WC victory... Then we talk!

karim2771d ago

Sokrates is right...for messi to be considered the best he needs to win the world cup...Maradonna single-handedly won the world cup for Argentina...if messi can't do it he can't be compared to maradonna

RedDevils2771d ago

In WC messi score = 0 see if the next time he in the wc hope he can make that tally into 1

kulka2772d ago

Messi is the best player of the 21 century and maybe beyond

2772d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.