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Highlights: Portugal 4-0 Spain. International Friendly 17.11.2010

highlights: Portugal 4-0 Spain. International Friendly 17.11.2010

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sokrates2773d ago

Watch the Highlights! Its amazing... And Nani, stealing a goal from Ronaldo and portugal, by doing what???? The kid must be stupid!

crazyturkey2773d ago

I Would have stopped passing him the ball after that.

karim2773d ago

I think Ronaldo should have teached "that kid" a lesson he's only a glory hunter what a disgrace !

kulka2772d ago

Nani is the worst player he is bigger glory hunter than Ronaldo hate him

ad4mb2772d ago

lmao... hes the worst player for trying to have a bit of glory on his birthday lol... get over it, ITS ONLY A GAME

RedDevils2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

What a fukcing idiot, and Spain lol what a load of shame hahaa

freeduck2773d ago

What a shocking victory for Portugal. Their new manager seems to be running this team very well.

no_more_heroes2773d ago

That was a demolition job! Sad I wasn't able to watch it.

karim2773d ago

That's why highlights are posted ;)

karim2773d ago

Enjoyed watching Portugal destroying Spain...I wonder what kind of excuse Del Bosque will say !

kulka2772d ago

great victory for Portugal but where was Spanish defence ??