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Highlights: Tottenham 3-0 Werder Bremen. UEFA Champions League 24.11.2010 Group A

Highlights: Tottenham 3-0 Bremen. UEFA Champions League 24.11.2010

1-0 Kaboul 6'
2-0 Modric 45'
3-0 Crouch 79'

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moha102737d ago

Congratulation Spurs! You are great now.

zico2737d ago

Good result for Spurs but they played against a Werder bremen with a lot of players ­injured.

moha102737d ago

Even against with many injured Bremen players impress Tottenham me. They play great attacking football, and scores fantastic and nice goals

sokrates2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Didnt watch the game, but it was 3 nice goal- thats for sure. Tottenham has something going on this season. Who knows: maybe well see Redknap smile?

megacardo2737d ago

LOL! Tottenham is qualified before Arsenal this has not happened since the 60`s!

RedDevils2736d ago

If Arsenal loose the next game which the last in the group, they be heading south to Europa League lol

karim2736d ago

How awesome would it be if they head to europa league and lose their 1st game :P

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