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Highlights: Rangers 0-1 Manchester United. UEFA Champions League Group C 24.11.2010

0-1 Rooney 87'

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zico2647d ago

Rooney needed to score in this game. Now he is back again

RedDevils2647d ago

He just improve, not back to form yet, he need to score in an open play like torres then I consider back atm not yet

ohahCantona2647d ago

Welcome back Rooney! And well done Sir Alex. 16finals here we come!

kulka2647d ago

who is United playing in the next round ?? or who can they play

sokrates2647d ago

Isnt it a draw? Second in any group?

ohahCantona2647d ago

and they can`t meet a English team of course. Hope they meet Copenhagen.

sokrates2647d ago

No doubt about his dedication on the penalty. But, Penalty is penalty- doesnt count as a real goal. I just saw a 15 minutes highligts: seams like Rooney was pretty anonymous! His not back as the player United needs to keep up for the two titles: PL and CL.

zeddy2647d ago

he put more effort into this match than all the other matches this season put together, even though it was as you say just a pen he worked for it.

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