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Highlights: Aston Villa 2-4 Arsenal. English Premier League - 27.11.2010

0-1 Arshavin 39'
0-2 Nasri 45'
1-2 Clark 52'
1-3 Chamakh 56'
2-3 Clark 71'
2-4 Wilshere 90'+3'

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no_more_heroes2887d ago

Same old Arsenal, almost giving me a heart attack. Thank God almighty!

zico2887d ago

It`s a strong win by Arsenal. But I don`t think Villa are so good this year. Don`t belive in Houllier...

karim2887d ago

I thought Villa would do a Spurs on them...but they learned from their mistakes

no_more_heroes2887d ago

Villa's first goal was foolishness by the way

karim2887d ago

you mean brilliant,right ?

no_more_heroes2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Fabianski saves that if Carew wasn't standing right in front of him in an offside position

karim2887d ago

but it was brilliantly scored and the 2nd was also good

RedDevils2887d ago

Yeah that what Carew trying to do, why would he moved away, try to make it harder for his mate to score? lol

no_more_heroes2887d ago (Edited 2887d ago )

Of course they were brilliant goals. Never said they weren't. Carew was down at first, but then gets up just before Clarke takes the shot. He stays down before the shot is taken, he's not interfering, Fabianski sees it and probably saves it. Carew knew exactly what he was doing.

He still has to take the opportunity though, and that he did brilliantly, there's no debating that.

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Clueless2887d ago

Arsenal's shaky will cost them the title

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