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Highlights: Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool (English Premier League - 11/28/10)

0-1 Skrtel 42'
1-1 Skrtel (Own Goal) 65'
2-1 Lennon 90'

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zico2736d ago

Why! Why is this always happening Liverpool!:-(

no_more_heroes2736d ago

and with that, the first time in Premier League History that every single team has scored a goal in the same weekend of fixtures.

sokrates2736d ago

Thats cool... Strange it doesnt happen more often

no_more_heroes2736d ago

I was surprised when I heard it myself. Guess its symptomatic of how much the playing field has levelled recently (Man Utd's 7-1 jackhammering of Blackburn notwithstanding)

karim2735d ago

Surprised it's the first time

kulka2736d ago

very unlucky we deserved a point Skrtel was very unlucky

ohahCantona2736d ago

Liverpool are not good enough....

karim2735d ago

Actually Liverpool were very good they could have been 4-2 but Torres had an off-game

no_more_heroes2736d ago

Spurs really have improved greatly over recent years. Gotta watch our backs now...