Schweinsteiger 'won't be sold'

Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says Bastian Schweinsteiger will not be going anywhere before his contract expires in 2012.

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FootballZilla2424d ago

Bayern will be smart and keep him

zico2424d ago

I`m not too sure about that. His contract expires next year and then he can go free. If Chelsea or ManCity will buy him and give the right price, they must sell him.

Football is buisness! Big buisness!

karim2424d ago

Michael Ballack Saga all over again

kulka2424d ago

yes they should keep him and try to get him to sign a deal like United did with Ronaldo then the big clubs would have to pay over 40k for him they cant allow another Balack situation

kulka2424d ago

my bad meant 40 milion lol

RedDevils2423d ago

awesome 40K what a steal :)

karim2424d ago

They would be stupid if he becomes a free agent

FootballZilla2424d ago

definatly, with his value .

FootballZilla2424d ago

I think he will sign a new contract with bayern

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