Highlights: Lech Poznan 1-1 Juventus (Europa League - 12/1/10)

1-0 Rudnevs 12'
1-1 Iaquinta 84'

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FootballZilla2453d ago

Juventus are out of Europa League OUCH

no_more_heroes2453d ago

at least they can focus on the league now...if that's any consolation

ohahCantona2453d ago

I don`t think they are good enough this year. They need som new better players. They will not qualify for the CL next year eather.

kulka2453d ago

This is embarrasing for yuve the pitch was in a horrible state maybe they were not used to snow but overall Lech deserved to progress Italians were not good enough

ohahCantona2453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

The pich was horrible,yes, but Juve only have 5 points in Europa League, and they havn`t won a match jet (5 draws). And the other matches have been played at real good pitches. THAT is not good enouh!

moha102453d ago (Edited 2453d ago )

Thats true, but look at the last video. Football should not be played like that. Juve needed a victory, no they out:-(

Nightfallen2452d ago

Wooo! Go Lech! I'm surprised that Lech made this far.