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Highlights - Real Madrid 2-0 Valencia - [Spanish Primera Division - 4/12/2010]

1-0 Cristiano Ronaldo 73'
2-0 Cristiano Ronaldo 87'

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FootballZilla2757d ago

Needed win for real madrid...

Second goal was good.

Fagerborgbk2756d ago

Very needed for Real but not for Valencia. Im sick and tired
to be a Valencia suporter we always losing for real and barca.

zico2756d ago

That`s true, but Barca and Real picks up the best players each year so that the gap is widening with the second best in Spain. For example, D Villa, Valencia lost their most important player this year to the rival.

So I think you have to be "sick" many years on.....

FootballZilla2756d ago

its hard to support a team thats is allways third/fourth best never first or even second....

karim2757d ago

Second goal was awesome