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Highlights: Arsenal 3-1 Partizan Belgrade [UEFA Champions League Group H 08/12/2010]

1-0 Van Persie (Penalty) 30'
1-1 Cleo 52'
2-1 Walcott 73'
3-1 Nasri 77'

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no_more_heroes2749d ago

once again, a terrible performance. I'm convinced Arsenal cannot play in cold weather now. Based off of this performance, we have absolutely no chance of bringing back a single point from Manchester.

Nightfallen2749d ago

It wasn't that terrible, Arsenal won 3-1, pretty good if you ask me.

karim2749d ago

Nasri is in superb form,he can win the game for Arsenal

no_more_heroes2748d ago

maybe, but would Man Utd let us get that close before chopping us down? I'm holding out a little hope we can win, given Man Utd's defensive problem this season, but I've seen this before. Even last season, Arsenal decided to beat themselves for Man Utd.

sokrates2748d ago

Arsenal has a to young squad. If they keep them, theyll have chances in 2-3 years. I hope wont sucseed...

Maradona2749d ago

When they are play good, they play the most wonderful football.