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Premier League - Newcastle 3-1 Liverpool - Highlights

1-0 Nolan 15'
1-1 Kuyt 50'
2-1 Barton 80'
3-1 A.Carrol 90'

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FootballZilla2688d ago

Liverpool lose away again. :/

no_more_heroes2688d ago

and you know what? They probably still hate Pardew

sokrates2688d ago

Sorry to say, but Liverpool will have a hard time to rebuild the club. They are out swimming on deep water.

danarc2688d ago

You think one good result makes him a good manager?

He played Hughton's team and Hughton's tactics. Well done Pardew for the win but he's got a while yet.

no_more_heroes2688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

@ danarc

what I meant to imply was, They'll probably still hate him even if he keeps them mid table.

Maradona2688d ago

Liverpool got a job to do. They must learn to take points away. 3 points per 2 matches all the time is not good enough.. Its obvious that they wont make top 4. That means bye bye Torres. I think Gerrard stays, but in january they need top players to go straight in the first 11.

karim2687d ago

Barton is class,he just need to resolve his disciplinary problems.
Caroll woww he has a really bright future

Fagerborgbk2687d ago

I'm shocked! Do not understand that manager Roy is still a coach. A team like liverpool should not lose to a team like Newcastle, enough must be enough.
Sorry Roy but now it's time to pack your stuff and go.

frustrated Liverpool fan