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Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti warns Arsenal: You will see a different Didier Drogba

Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti has fired a warning shot to Arsenal, proclaiming that they should expect to see a "different" Didier Drogba when the two sides meet in the London derby.

The Ivorian has suffered from malaria and had a difficult time on the pitch as loss of form saw him being benched against Tottenham.

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God_Of_Epicness2136d ago

The best picture of Drogba I could find. I have to say, he isn't very photogenic.

TengkuAmir102136d ago (Edited 2136d ago )

Are you being a racist?


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Maradona2136d ago

Its not very clever to try to take 11x2 users away from this site. Just a warning...

TengkuAmir102136d ago

Are you their guardians or something?

karim2135d ago

OFF TOPIC : I am interested but still commited to 11x2
ON TOPIC : No,not a racist at all...he's just saying Drogba doesn't have many good Pics.

sokrates2135d ago

I liked the photo, its typical- normally he takes off his shirt after the matches.

karim2135d ago

BIG RUMOR : It is widely rumored that Arsenal's defenders all commited suicide and their keeper injured himself intentionally to avoid an ANOTHER DROGBA MASSACRE.

karim2135d ago

Got lots of disagrees,just a joke guys don't take it seriously

presto7172135d ago

So Didier Drogba, what are your hobbies?

Um, running, lifting weights, scoring goals against Arsenal and getting my hair fixed.

Ahh the hair...Do your friends back home like it?

Nah nah. Only in Chelsea. Only in Chelsea.

karim2134d ago

What is this ?
I think he has a hobby of building hospitals in Ivory Coast which I think not so many footballers does

mathewm52135d ago

Drogba has always been at his best when he plays Arsenal, What more is he expected to do?
I hope it doesnt fire back, being a chelsea fan I am not happy with the recent fall in form

karim2135d ago

I agree,but that Tottenham game was pretty encouraging so I am expecting a lot from Drogba,Lampard AND Ramires (Remember his performance against them?)

KingsCross2135d ago

Chelsea will return in the race for the league title. They have prooved they are the best team when it all works.