Video: Top 10 Premier League goals of 2010-11 so far

A look at the best goals from this term

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karim2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Alex and Baines Freekicks made me shit in my pants lol.Pretty good list but I would at least THAT Drogba goal against Arsenal
EDIT: Just watched Jones freekick,two words : Pure Genius

sokrates2290d ago

Not the best vdieo-quality. But the goals are AMAZING! I like the first 2 best. what the wolves players does is simply genius!

karim2290d ago

It reminds me of a brazilian pair who did this for their club,sadly can't remember the names

pwneddemocrat2289d ago

Bale's goal was a work of art.

Messishow2289d ago

agree, i go for Bales goal.