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Higlights: Manchester United 2-0 Sunderland English Premier League - 26.12.2010

1-0 Berbatov 5'
2-0 Berbatov 57'

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karim2675d ago

Great game by United,a game to forget for Sunderland.
The thing that confuses me is how did they credit Berbatov for the 2nd goal,there was some really obvious deflection..So I would class it as an own goal.
Former flops Berbatov and Anderson are now united's best players!

sokrates2675d ago

united is in shape. I hope the other teams will follow United for some more months- cause I guess United will win the league- no matter what!

karim2674d ago

You do realise it's not May yet...

sokrates2674d ago

Exactly. Thats why I hope the other teams will follow.

Anderson82674d ago

i never understood why anderson's for dropped for so long after he had a great first season.. good to see him playing well again.. i may have to put some money on berba finishing top scorer

KingsCross2674d ago

I guess Drogba will be the top scorer this season. It doesnt look like it right now, but the season is long... Anderson has not been 100% fit for a long time, but I agree he did an excellent performance yesterday.

RedDevils2674d ago

but you do know we're not on top Gear yet, History shown that we perform better when January come around, so stopping us is tough

karim2674d ago

Yeah but history doesn't win you matches ;)

RedDevils2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

well it sure win for us :)

ohahCantona2675d ago

Good match for Berbatov. he also needs to play like this away from­ Old Trafford!

KingsCross2675d ago

Hate to admit it, But berbatov was MM today. Even worse: United showed muscles. I hope they will take a Chelsea turn over. Soon!

ohahCantona2675d ago

united is my stronger and bigger squad than chelsea and will not be so dependent on avoiding injuries or players that are not in shape. I think so they will not get such a down to chelsea have had

karim2674d ago

Remember last year when Rooney was injured,and you lost it ?

RedDevils2674d ago

you mean the Drogba offside goal? Btw we lose the title simply because for such game like Blackburn if we won it there no way chelsea can stop us from winning the 19th title

karim2674d ago

Why do united fans always forget the Macheda "handball" ?

RedDevils2674d ago

if you notice, that what changes the games, cause it could be a draw and it be game over for you guys

ad4mb2675d ago

great result and shows everyone to never rule united out as its just silly... maybe next season when we have our usual slow start you will learn hey? :)

sokrates2674d ago

Nobody rules out United anymore. People just talk, but in their mind they know that United will kick back.

Maradona2674d ago

united havent lost a match yet. And I think that manu havent showed in one match yet their top level. So if they find that level, it will be easy for them to cruise in on top.